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    Welcome to Butcher’s Block! Let’s have some fun today and explore great music together!

    Are you celebrating any event soon and looking for that something that would spice up your party? Does your idea of a party involve great music and lots of dancing? Then you don’t have to look elsewhere because one day of a party you’ll get.

    Butcher’s Block is a company that is composed of professionals DJ and DJ wannabes. That’s right. We are composed of the best DJs in the country that could mix and match all types of music. So whatever theme you want, rest assured that we could put a great music to match it. Country, Jazz, Pop, Classic Rock, Metal – name it! We are the people for the job.

    We are the Best in Town

    The Butcher’s Block creates music for all occasion. From birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, company events, and class reunions, we cater to them all. You can even order a pre-recorded song from us if your intention is just to use it for personal consumption at home. You can dance to a beat while you are cleaning up your house, doing your chores or fixing your car behind that garage door in Phoenix you have. What more is that our music is easily downloadable on your devices at a small cost.

    The beauty of getting the service of the Butcher’s Block is that you have the guarantee that you are in good hands. We are composed of only professionals and the best among the best in the field. Our company DJs are trained to never be less than polite and accommodating to their audience. Plus, did we already say that we are the best?

    Helping People Achieve their Dreams

    Helping People Achieve their Dreams

    The Butcher’s Block is not above helping people reach their dream of being a DJ. We have an academy to ensure that this happens. Anyone can enroll and scholarship and sponsorship are also available.

    We have basic education for kids and parents alike. This is a good bonding experience as well that could help strengthen their relationship through the creation of good music. We have those summer camp that teenagers can enjoy. We also have crash courses that would improve one’s knowledge In blending music together smoothly. What more is that, after each course from us, you get the exposure through recitals or we could even let you host a party with one of our professional DJs in the house if you are brilliant enough. From this type of gig, we give you a portion of your earnings.

    Fun, isn’t it? Before you leave the vicinity of Butcher’s Block, we ensure that you already have the experience and the confidence in your music to conquer the world.

    Be part of the growing family of DJs at Butcher’s Block. Learn about the proper mixing of songs that would lead to smooth transition and flow. And be the life of the party with your skills to boost. That and more if you join the Butcher’s Block today.

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