Burn Rubber Timepiece Collection: The Woodward

I’ve been building with the Burn Rubber crew for a minute and these cat’s don’t play (and have Detroit on lock!). Owners of BR, Rick and Ro, have ill ideas but more importantly have the will and determination to bring them to life. Peep their new project below. These are my peoples and the watch is fire.  Check their new site here.


Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique in Metro Detroit has done it again! Known for their exclusive sneakers and apparel, will soon be adding the Burn Rubber Timepiece Collection to their repertoire.  Burn Rubber is recognized for their pristine, innovative ideas and this is no different with the first model in their timepiece collection: The Woodward. The name, The Woodward, was inspired by Woodward Avenue a major street in Metro Detroit which was named after esteemed Judge Augusta Woodward in 1805 after Detroit burned down. Burn Rubber recognizes the rich culture and history in Metro Detroit and will name the models in the collection after major streets and avenues in the city. Detroit was once a well-respected city and pioneer of the auto industry and Burn Rubber is working to continue to be well respected and a pioneer in the sneaker/street-wear culture of the Mid-West. This automatic, water resistant timepiece was created with close attention to detail from the weight of the watch to the fine print on the face. The buzz has already started in the city and pre-orders have begun to come in for the release of the watch in September of 09. Being that this Woodward model will be the first timepiece out of the collection, it will be the most exclusive, limited to 50 pieces.



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