This is how I feel right now.


I live in the world of premium denim, tier zero sneakers and thousand dollar outerwear…

…. but I remember a world that was simple…



A world where a fresh pair of Timbs, a thick (you know the exact version I’m talking about) Champion hoodie, and an army M-65 was being dipped. I walked my city at all hours of the night with a Jansport normally filled with mixtapes (not mix-CDs), a black book (a graffiti sketch book) and ultra flat black Krylon spray paint. Where I was never without my Sony Walkman, box cutter and just enough money to barely eat. All we did was hang out, paint and talk shit.


Nas’ Illmatic was my religion and Carhartt was my garb. My way of life was bombing freight trains and roaming the darkest parts of my city. The Source Magazine was the map to the promise land and the Nike Air Force One was yet to be available to anyone that wanted to be cool.


My youth was about discovering the new and the next, not reliving a previous trend. It was about living what you believed and finding your voice. It was about dissecting your favorite album word for word and line for line reading every single production credit and liner note.


This is when being “you” meant something…. being “myself” was mandatory…. and “biting” wasn’t aloud.

Basically the opposite of today.

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