Welcome to Boylston Trading Company

Welcome to the Boylston Trading Company. We are a premium men’s retailer, based in Boston and represented online, with editorial support. Boylston is named for the street we are on, and trading represents the shop. And also, more importantly, the “trading”of ideas. You might ask, “What makes you different than the pack?” – I believe the answer is: the people behind BTC.

I’ve have never worked with a team that is more dedicated, passionate and focused on doing the right thing than my present crew. “Doing the right thing” seems kind of vague; so let me explain it a bit.

Time is a valuable commodity that can’t be bought back when lost. We’ve all heard the old adage ‘time is money’ and it is in most cases accurate. What we at Boylston Trading Co. don’t buy into is the cutting of valuable corners. Corners are what define our shape—without these definitive angles, we become shapeless and run of the mill. My team will continue to invest time into doing things the right way. That’s what makes us different and what will help us maintain our form.

When we buy, time is invested in choosing the appropriate pieces and finding the right brands. When we shoot, we make sure the quality of our photo assets is well above par. When we create layouts, we make sure to communicate what’s important. When we collaborate, well, you know the deal.

Simply put, Boylston Trading Co. will showcase what and who we believe in. Whether it’s a new or a trusted brand, a talented photographer or a great designer – known or unknown – if there is a proper level of integrity to the work and we as a team feel it, it’s a go.

All in all, we hope that we can fill a void in retail with something fresh, interesting and exciting. This is day one of that journey.

Special thanks to Jei, Billy, Evan and Jessup for the non stop work ethic that has paid off.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.

Enough of the yapping— let’s get to it. HERE.

Frank “The Butcher” Rivera
Creative Director
Boylston Trading Company

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