The Butcher’s Block TV Ep. 17 | En Noir (Rob Garcia & Curtains)

Tune in as Frank The Butcher speaks with Rob Garcia and Curtains of the brand En-Noir about turning basics into high fashion, the dangers of celebrity co-signs, the infamous “leather sweatpants” and what their plans are for the future.

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International Stussy Tribe 2012 x Frank The Butcher

Stussy was established in 1980 and has since remained on the top of the food chain of streetwear. All important milestones in the development of the culture we live, breath and work in, can be traced back to the brand started as tees to support a surfboard company.

Stussy recently sent out 30 or so personalized International Stussy Tribe varsity jackets produced by Golden Bear. This black version will not see retail – strictly friends and family. Amazing gift and I’m honored to be a part of the small crew that received the jacket.

Many good friends over at Stussy – Thanks Scott, Fraser and David for your continued love and support.


Photos by Billy Fischer | OHWRD

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Deadline + BAU [Coming Soon]

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frank the butcher for stussy by herschel supply co.

Stussy asked me to show them what’s in my Stussy x Hershel Supply Co bag.


Frank The Butcher x Nike Sportswear Destroyer

I am proud to present my Nike Destroyer jacket built at the Nike Sportswear Stadium MFG shop in NYC. All patches and embroidery tie back to something personal. Homages include my wife, children and my brother who passed away in 2005. The chest features a “BAU” embroidery hit which stands for “Business as Usual”, while the back features the ‘Love Wolf’ graphic that is also a tattoo on my forearm.

A big thanks to Nike / Stadium MTG for the opportunity and a SPECIAL nod to Mike Cherman who helped me put this amazing varsity together.

Love Wolf design by SPACEKNUCKLE

All photos by: Billy Fischer / OHWRD

Business As Usual is the crew and mantra. The Love Wolf is the mascot.

“IX” heart represents my wife. The stars are my children.


Memorial for my little brother who left us in 2005. Love you Franco.

Stay warm.

Frankmatic™ everything!

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11.21.11 | Boyslton Trading Co x Adidas x @Superfun


Anti-Fatigue 6″ Premium Timberland

Same boot, new guts!

Everyone knows that I am the most loyal wheat Timberland boot wearer this side of the 90s. Doesn’t matter what trends come and go, if Jay Z publicly denounces them or if Kanye dresses them in high fashion making them “trendy” — I have always had a fresh pair(s)(ssss) ready to go.

My favorite boot has received an upgrade in the form of anti-fatigue technology which makes for a more comfortable boot.

Classic and now more comfortable. Win/Win.


Much love to Team Epiphany and Timberland for the love.

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Camouflage Season | Camo Bespoke by 5 Star General of the ATF Crew

W-W-W-W-W-World Premier!!!

It’s always camouflage season and this Nike Air Force Bespoke is confirmation of that! Made from a pair of Woodland pattern BDU shorts and features a black micro perf leather lining, wax laces and an ever so classic gum out sole. You already know how I feel about camo and believe me, I don’t usually covet another man’s shoes… but DAMN.

Designed by the 5 Star General of the ATF Crew. Yeah that guy!

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