International Stussy Tribe 2012 x Frank The Butcher

Stussy was established in 1980 and has since remained on the top of the food chain of streetwear. All important milestones in the development of the culture we live, breath and work in, can be traced back to the brand started as tees to support a surfboard company.

Stussy recently sent out 30 or so personalized International Stussy Tribe varsity jackets produced by Golden Bear. This black version will not see retail – strictly friends and family. Amazing gift and I’m honored to be a part of the small crew that received the jacket.

Many good friends over at Stussy – Thanks Scott, Fraser and David for your continued love and support.


Photos by Billy Fischer | OHWRD

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frank the butcher for stussy by herschel supply co.

Stussy asked me to show them what’s in my Stussy x Hershel Supply Co bag.


Paid in Full.

Let’s just face it. Music will never be what it was, but I don’t necessarily attribute that to what’s being released currently. I believe that with age you develop an experienced ear that knows what it likes. Does that mean you can’t like current tunes? Not at all. I dig contemporary rap. I just like what I like. When listening to a new artist I automatically pull out the yardstick and measure it against the gold medalist in whatever relevant category. Probably not the best thing to do.

When I first heard of Maffew Ragazino Sr. it was on a stern recommendation from DJ Clark Kent. Anyone that calls Clark a friend understands the pressure of his recommendation. It weighs a ton. Now Clark hails from Brooklyn, which is the same borough that has nurtured the lyricist Maff so off jump the scale was tipped. The difference between supporting an artist from home and celebrating the work of one of the best currently is the factor in which makes your word worth its weight.

Ragazino’s debut effort “Rhymes Pays” is a showcase in bare-knuckle word play without sacrificing production selections. It is rare when the quality of the words and beats line up. It’s that simple – and when they do, magic. Maff is a rare breed of emcee that channel the golden age without sounding dated. Be clear, he is not a throw back rapper who relies on 90’s mojo and haircuts to stand out. Maff is a beast living in 2011 that could hang with your 90’s fav but mangle your man who is on the front page on Nah Right today.

With all that said– ‘Rhyme Pays’ is an amazing debut that has Ragazino on the way to defining what NYC hip-hop once stood for and it’s unapologetic in its delivery.

On a side note – The Butcher’s Block own Paul Mighty mastered the album and took something that was amazing and made it that much more special.

Shouts to Maff, Sha & Paul.

Download Maffew Ragazino’s ‘Rhymes Pays’ HERE

EXCLUSIVE: Mobb Deep f. Aaron Lacrate “Illson”

The homie Aaron LaCrate has been busy lately. Designing and maintaining his clothing line Milkcrate Athletics, DJing for legends and producing for the likes of Jim Jones. When Aaron told me he was working with Mobb Deep on some things– I was super excited, partly because I’m a big fan of MD and because my dude is on a mission!

Named after one of Milkcrate’s most popular tee shirt design — this son is definitely ILLSON!

Mobb Deep f. Aaron Lacrate – Illson


Karmaloop TV Piece on the Lacrate / Mobb Deep colab:

Photo Dump.



Muggs & Jeff.



Big Lucc.

Chace & Dope Boy C.

D Boy.

Mikol & Bun.

Brooklyn Dom.

Def Jam.




The love of my life.


The lil dunns.

Old office. Old life.

Hall of Fame in Los Angeles.

Buscemi the Pawn Star.





My brother P.

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The Reclaim Chamber

Karmaloop is launching a cable network in the very near future and asked friends and employees to create “Reclaim your TV” pieces in honor of the new site. I thought it would be cool to do something different and more reflective of my personality. HA.

Shouts to Kylar who is the artist behind the madness, Chloe for the Japanese tutoring and Jei, Billy and Shelton for sacrificing their lives in the name of entertainment.

Please go to the Reclaim site and search for “Frank The Butcher” and vote for my video.

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Complex Magazine Visit

Russ Bengston is quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the sneaker industry. His knowledge extends beyond the current Google search that the modern day copy & paste “expert” builds his repertoire on. Russ has a real resume and an office full of proof.

Visited Russ’ office at Complex Magazine.

Russ is a real dude.

One of my favorites – Nike Air Revolution

Beard game on overtime.

Shouts to Brek.One and Billy Ohwrd for rolling.

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Good Wood x The Butcher’s Block IPhone Cases

Shouts to my boy Chris Lee for the custom Good Wood IPhone Cases.

Very dope!

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