FTB for Hypebeast Streetsnaps

The incredibly talented Tasha Bleu shot me on the corner of Boylston & Arlington street for the Hypebeast Streetsnap series.

Amazing photographer and great spirit. Check her work HERE.

Wearing Levis Vintage ‘Bedford’ Pant

Wearing Heritage Research ‘Longline’ Parka

Wearing Mondaine ‘Evo38 GTS’ Watch

Wearing the BTC x Danner ‘Mountain Light’ Gore-Tex boot that is coming Fall 2012

All clothing available via Boylston Trading Company

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Canada Goose for Concepts

This project was an amazing experience to work on. Most times I visit the company I’m working with to begin conversations on our project together and to lay the foundation for design. I usually get the bulk of the work done from my office. This one was a bit different.

I flew out to Toronto to design this vest but the difference was actually walking the manufacturing floor of Canada Goose. Being able to see the raw material, the process and finished product was a great perspective to gain before delving into the design process on these vests. Learning the history of the company and understanding the purpose of their product was important to me. Canada Goose jackets, when used for their original intent, will save a life. The product they develop help professionals who work in extreme climates survive.

What is more important than that?

Granted my interpretation of this Alberta Vest was through the lens of fashion but it was built on function. Function to me is an important place to start— design that serves a purpose– and Canada Goose has mastered that.

I want to thank Dani, Kevin and Spencer at CG for their patience and support. I hope you dig the final product.

Also would like to thank Harris, Paul Mighty and Nick Cangello for the support on the project. It’s always a team effort.

This is the video piece I directed for the vest release— Paul Mighty is the model in the video and also produced the music used with Dj Manipulator under their production group name Boxcutters. TBB Music will be releasing Dj Manipulator’s “Live From The Badlands” in the next few weeks.

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I needed a break.

Simple enough but not as easy as it sounds. My brain is constantly moving and it affects the level of relaxation I can achieve. While I’m laying in bed my mind is racing and it doesn’t let me turn off the engine. Design something, blog something, write something, meet someone, then come home and do all those things while juggling a family. Its like walking up 10 flights of stairs with the comfort of leg weights.

Friday I was in court for a bullshit suspended license charge that had me as nervous as customers leaving the check cashing spot in the hood on the 1st of the month. I got through it though. Thanks. Fortunately I had a trip to Gloucester MA for a wedding and some much needed R&R.

Beautiful weather (and childless) had my wife and I smiling like we stole something.

Great weekend– I need more of these.

View from my hotel window

Found the local record spot

Also found the local diner

Oh yeah—- this isn’t an act for the camera. This is how she normally feels.

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Canada Goose | Part 2

While up in Toronto I had the pleasure of hitting a Maple Leafs hockey game. I’ve never much been a fan of hockey but the game in person is intense. I witnessed more fights for no reason than right before my parents got divorced when I was in 3rd grade.

Canada Goose rolled out the red carpet with a private suite filled with food & spirits, great seats and a lesson in the sport Curling (awww Canada).

Big thanks to Dani, Paul, Kevin and Spencer for the good time.






The Canada Goose sponsored coat check in the Platinum Club area





Players fight in hockey. Wait till I tell the hood…



Leafs get the win

Introductons are in order.

Life is about meeting people, connecting and making things happen. Meet some friends.

All photos by: Harris Tobey

Name: Brek.One
Game: DJ /Designer
Where: BrekOne.com / Twitter @BrekOne

Name: Johnny Cupcakes
Game: Owner of the brand Johnny Cupcakes
Where: JohnnyCupcakes.com / Twitter @JohnnyCupcakes

Name: Levi Maestro
Game: Living life and documenting it
Where: MaestroKnows.com / Twitter @MaestroKnows

Name: Stebs
Game: Video
Where: iloveqp.com / Twitter @iloveqp


Sun don’t shine if Son don’t shine

Follow me on Twitter @FranktheButcher

The Walk (again…)

Lets try this again—

I was kind of proud of my post on a walk I took last week— But it weirdly disappeared off the blog.

Eh, who knows….

Here it is again.

My walk on one of the most miserable and cold days of the year. On second thought, maybe it was meant to be deleted…











Los Angeles Chronicles Part 4

I’ve known the Crooks for a while now and they have expanded from a street wear brand to a true lifestyle brand with multiple lines and retail locations. I was at the opening of their Melrose store a couple years back and had the opportunity to check out the new Sunset Location which is also their main office. The store is crispy clean and doubles as a gallery currently showcasing the work of legendary photographer Chi Modu’s work. Had the chance to build and shoot the shit with Emil, Chris and the rest of the crew about everything from clothing to differences between our coasts. These dudes are fam.









Depart From Me Show – Harpers Ferry

Cage’s “Depart from Me” tour came through Boston on Friday which features my homeboy Yak Ballz and was opened by my brother E The Real.

Yak Ballz has been touring in support of Cage’s new album and has been tearing it down rocking classics, currents and I even heard him flip a couple of instrumentals (bodied an RJD2 beat!). Yak has just put up his new site YakBallz.net where be blogs about his travels and day to day stuff. He has an upcoming EP on Def Jux called “Gas Galaxy” with the title track available for free on his site.


Guess what? Yak has a Cannon G10 too. You know what kind of conversations camera nerds have? Shutter speed, ISO settings and controlling level of flash! This camera is fuckin ill.  Above pic is a product of messing with settings I never heard of…



w Yak and Cage – Weathermen Album coming soon.


You all know Paul Mighty. Here’s the science on him— If I am considering robbing a bank, before I even verbalize it, he has a mask on waiting for me in the car. Its scary how on point he is.


My brother E The Real opened up for Yak and Cage rocking joints off of the new Nite People album. He had the crowd totally zoned into what he was doing. It was crazy! E’s is a genius but not in the weird “rain man” way. New music on the way!!




I know you know this guy!!

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