Frank The Butcher /BAU x Reebok DMX Run “10|15”

Frank The Butcher has teamed with Reebok to give the DMX Run 10 a luxury spin. Coined the “10|15,” in nod to the number of years the shoe was off the market, the FTB version features a Cordura ballistic nylon upper with garment leather overlays. Accentuated by a smoke grey outsole and speckled trail laces, the late-90s classic celebrates its athletic heritage and street-certified style in fresh dress.

“I believed one of the greatest running models ever deserved a premium “welcome back” make over,” said Frank the Butcher. “Replacing traditional athletic meshes for full grain leather, the shoe takes on a superior feel that reflects the legacy of the model.”

Flipping out the traditional Vector at the heel, Frank the Butcher adds a fresh graphic element to the DMX Run with a direct call to the new versions name, “DMX 10|15.” In addition, “DMX” and “10” and “FTB” and “15” are embroidered on the left and right tongue respectively.

The Frank The Butcher / BAU x Reebok DMX Run “10|15” will be available on on Black Friday and on 12/7 at premium Reebok accounts globally.

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Complex Magazine’s Top 10 Sneaker of 2012

That time of year again. My choice for top 10 sneakers of the year.



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International Stussy Tribe 2012 x Frank The Butcher

Stussy was established in 1980 and has since remained on the top of the food chain of streetwear. All important milestones in the development of the culture we live, breath and work in, can be traced back to the brand started as tees to support a surfboard company.

Stussy recently sent out 30 or so personalized International Stussy Tribe varsity jackets produced by Golden Bear. This black version will not see retail – strictly friends and family. Amazing gift and I’m honored to be a part of the small crew that received the jacket.

Many good friends over at Stussy – Thanks Scott, Fraser and David for your continued love and support.


Photos by Billy Fischer | OHWRD

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BAU x 40 oz NYC “B” Balmain Inspired Snapback Cap

My collaboration with New York’s own 40oz will drop on this Tuesday (10/9) at noon. The web shop will only be open until midnight.

The cap was produced in limited quantities and will never be produced again.

Buy it HERE on Tuesday.

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Sneakerology Studio – Frank “The Butcher” Rivera – Trailer

Peep the interview I did with the Sneakerology Studio which is a college course on sneaker design.

Shouts to Elliot

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Liberty, Justice and Freedom. What could have been.

New Balance “Liberty, Justice & Freedom”

In early 2011, I started a new journey and began to develop what now is The Boylston Trading Company. Fresh off the success of the New Balance x Concepts project (The Kennedy 999), my relationship with NB was in a great place. The office is near by and the lifestyle product team and I had become close over the few years of working together. It was a no brainer and took little discussion to agree another collaboration was appropriate.

As always, the first convo is “what shoe and why?”.

NB was looking to re-intro the 1600, which was popular in Japan, into the states with a special project. I had no issue with that. Good shoe, nice shape and great panel placement for me to get busy on. It was a plus that no one used the shoe in any other colab situations.

I went to work and the “Liberty, Justice & Freedom” 3-shoe project was born. “Liberty & Justice” was to have a normal distribution situation with the “Freedom” slated to be released as a Friends & Family only shoe. The release date was tentatively set for around Independence Day. This design process was smoother and more refined than any other project I’ve ever done with the NB team (or any other company) moving like a well-oiled machine. Amazing selections of leathers and suede were presented to me and I chose incredible materials. Straight butter. My design incorporated a star emboss motif (my favorite feature!) that was executed near flawless on the first round of samples.

Now this is when things took a turn. In November 2011, the unfortunate news was broken to me that due to some misunderstandings and Boston retail politics, arguably my best project to date had to be cancelled. Relationships, other’s insecurities and red tape became the death of an amazing, well thought out and beautifully executed project.

Believe me I was fucking mad and extremely disappointed.

I don’t work to cancel out the next man’s progress and do not plan my projects to clash with retailers in my city or beyond. I work to grow and if my growth makes others uncomfortable, so be it. To me this was a travesty and a total cop out and no matter how hard I argued, pleaded and clarified – nothing could be done and no one could help (some tried and others…).

Either way, I love this project and feel like everything I’ve learned leading up to that point went into this design. I feel it’s my best project to date and wanted to make sure I shared what could have been.

All good though, the world doesn’t stop spinning and it’s BAU.

Peep the project, hope you enjoy and thanks for the continued support.

Look out for my next best shoe dropping soon.

Frank “The Butcher” Rivera

The Liberty:

The Justice:

The Feedom:

Photos: Billy Fischer / OWRD

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Life is Good.

Life is good for Nasir Jones. Riding off of the wave of 3 super solid singles, his 10th album ‘Life is Good’ is highly anticipated and God’s Son sounds rejuvenated and ready to tackle today’s musical landscape. What’s good about this go round is that Nas did what we all want him to do – stick to his strengths (sans the leaked sequel to ‘Black Girl Lost” which thankfully didn’t make the album). With the majority of the LP produced by Salaam Remi and No I.D., we can be confident the production will be taken care of so Nasir can show people why he’s illmatic.

To celebrate the new album, Nas teamed up with my people at Sneak Tip to produce promo only (for now) cap, tee, hoodie and tank.

Life is indeed good.

Photos by Billy / OHWRD (except Nas photo)

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Frank The Butcher x Nike Sportswear Destroyer

I am proud to present my Nike Destroyer jacket built at the Nike Sportswear Stadium MFG shop in NYC. All patches and embroidery tie back to something personal. Homages include my wife, children and my brother who passed away in 2005. The chest features a “BAU” embroidery hit which stands for “Business as Usual”, while the back features the ‘Love Wolf’ graphic that is also a tattoo on my forearm.

A big thanks to Nike / Stadium MTG for the opportunity and a SPECIAL nod to Mike Cherman who helped me put this amazing varsity together.

Love Wolf design by SPACEKNUCKLE

All photos by: Billy Fischer / OHWRD

Business As Usual is the crew and mantra. The Love Wolf is the mascot.

“IX” heart represents my wife. The stars are my children.


Memorial for my little brother who left us in 2005. Love you Franco.

Stay warm.

Frankmatic™ everything!

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