Slam Magazine & BAU Present: Real Deal (97) Mix
Frank The Butcher & DJ 7L

‘The Searchin’ Mix
Stussy Presents Frank The Butcher & DJ 7L

‘Shoot To Kill’ Mix
Stussy Presents Frank The Butcher & DJ 7L


TBB Music projects are executive produced and presented by Frank The Butcher

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Frank The Butcher & BAU Present: “The Good Book” by The Alchemist & Budgie

All Is Fair Agency / BAU Music is proud to present: “The Good Book” by The Alchemist & Budgie

Featuring Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Prodigy, Blu, Domo Genesis of Odd Future, A$ton Mathews, Mick Luter & J. Rocc

Peace Peace -

Music has magic beyond the aural. Yet, the way listeners digest sound has changed in the digital age. The days of hunting down a record, reading the credits, and absorbing the full packaging experience has been reduced to a download link and a minimal, square graphic.

Acknowledgment of that fact comes in no way as complaint. The evolution of digital distribution of music prompts opportunity to explore new ideas. While online consumption of music isn’t dying, new experiences are still possible. My new agency, All Is Fair is predicated on recovering the magnetic pull of album packaging and amplifying the allure of music’s physical product.

The first project under BAU Music / All Is Fair Agency is an amazing boxset concept, produced by The Alchemist and Budgie (UK), which is housed in a faux book wrapped in leatherette featuring gold foil printing. Al and Budgie’s two separate, mostly instrumental, albums are built exclusively from gospel samples. The resulting beats, incredibly unique and original, provide a canvas for collaborations from Action Bronson, Blu, Prodigy, Roc Marciano, and others. A true collector’s piece, “The Good Book” shares the near religious experience many of us draw from hip-hop. Raw, secular sounds informed by powerful, communal songs.

This is the first step in a journey that began when I anxiously peeled the plastic off BDP’s “By All Means Necessary” tape in the summer of 1988. I’m excited to continue to find new and exciting ways to experience and share music.

Frank The Butcher

Available HERE


BAU & Deadline LTD present Frank The Butcher & DJ7L Illegal Business Mix

Just in time for the holidays, BAU joins forces with Deadline LTD on the 2 part Illegal Business Mix by Frank The Butcher & DJ7L. This mix features grimy 90’s NYC rap music.

That simple.

Merry F*ckin Xmas.

Side A

1 – Clark Kent Illegal Business Intro
2 – Deadline Intro
3 – Real Live – Real Live Shit
4 – Redman – Smoke a Blunt Too
5 – Smooth Da Hustler – Broken Language
6 – Cru – Tunnel Freestyle
7 – Cormega – Dead Man Walking
8 – Fat Joe & Big Pun – Firewater
9 – Blahzay Blahzay – Danger Part 2
10 – CNN – T.O.N.Y
11 – CNN & Tragedy – L.A. L.A.
12 – L.O.X & Biggie – You’ll See
13 – Jay Z – Friend or Foe
14 – Jay Z – Friend or Foe Pt.2
15 – Pudgee Tha Fat Bastard, Biggie & Lord Tariq- Think Big
16 – Mobb Deep – Still Shinin’
17 – M.O.P & Kool G Rap – Stick to Ur Gunz
18 – Nas – Trackmasterz Freestyle 96′

Side B

1 – DJ Premier Illegal Business Intro
2 – Nas & Mobb Deep – Live N**** Rap
3 – Wu Tang Clan – Winter Warz
4 – Big Noyd – Recognize & Realize
5 – Gang Starr – The Question Remains
6 – Tragedy & Iman Thug – Illuminati
7 – Notorious B.I.G – Come on (DJ 7L Remix)
8 – Notorious B.I.G – Machine Gun Funk (19:19)
9 – Notorious B.I.G – 10 Crack Commandments (DJ 7L/45 King Mix)
10 – Black Moon & Smif N Wessun – Heads Ain’t Ready
11 – Group Home – Tha Realness
12 – L.O.X – N****s Done Started Something
13 – Royal Flush – Worldwide
14 – Big L & Fat Joe – The Enemy

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Ariez Onasis “All A Dream” Produced By Butcher + Mighty

As a prelude to BAU’s next project, Butcher + Mighty join forces with Massachusetts rap phemon, Ariez Onasis, on the grind anthem “All A Dream”.

Cuts by: DJ7L
Mixed by: I Made The Beat

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Planet Asia “You Go Slavia” (Produced By Frank The Butcher & Paul Mighty)

Off of Frank The Butcher’s BAU “All Is Fair” project produced by Frank The Butcher & Paul Mighty.

“All Is Fair” CD now available free with purchase on

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H-Town Sneaker Summit featuring Rosa Acosta, Crooks & Castles & Jason Markk

Had a chance to visit this summer’s H-Town Sneaker Summit.

Interviewed Rosa Acosta, Chief of Crooks & Castles and Jason Markk.

Check it out below

Roc Marciano – Shit Hard (Produced By Frank The Butcher & Paul Mighty)

Frank The Butcher lets another jewel loose off of BAU’s “All Is Fair” project. This time it features Long Island’s finest Roc Marciano.

BAU is now available via

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Krondon – Another Line (Produced By Frank The Butcher & Mighty)

Continuing the celebration of the launch of Frank The Butcher’s new apparel line, BAU, The Butcher and production partner Paul Mighty let go a new gem featuring the ferocious west coast wig splitter Krondon of SAS. This is the latest release from the upcoming BAU project “All Is Fair”.

BAU is now available on

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BAU Presents: Termanology, Realm Reality & Easy Money “Still Got It Made”

Frank The Butcher will be launching his BAU apparel brand this Summer. To celebrate, The Butcher and his production partner Paul Mighty will be dropping a project featuring a slew of known spitters like Roc Marciano, Chase N Cashe, Ill Bill, Planet Asia, Joe Scudda, Termanology, Krondon, Realm Reality, Maffew Ragazino, Meyhem Lauren, Curt@!n$ & more.

New drop from the project features a trifecta of Puerto Rican lyricists, Termanology, Realm Reality & Easy Money.

A post Puerto Rican Day parade gem!

BAU’s “All Is Fair” project coming soon.